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7 Bengali Vegetarian Dishes That Are Capable Of Giving Meat A Strong Shove!

So you must have thought Bengalis are all about fish (Maach) and chicken, but actually, a basic Bengali meal is not made of just fish and rice but also of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes which come before the fish, if there is any on the menu.

Bengalis have delicious vegetarian dishes which can give a tough competition to any meat, this list will show you what Bengalis crave for in their veggies;

1. Aloo Posto

This is a dish of potatoes cooked in poppy seed paste with green chili and will change your perception of aloo if you are not a fan.

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2. Aloo Bhaate

This is a simple mix of mashed potatoes with mustard oil, green chilies, and onions which stand as a love story with hot rice. This is an all-Bengalees favorite.

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3. Mochar Chop

This is made after chopping banana flowers and fried with layers of breadcrumbs. You will come back for more after the first time!

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4. Echorer Dalna

This will be the tastiest dish made out of jackfruit one can ever taste and Bengalees have aced it in all ways possible.


5. Labra

It is the King of ‘Torkari’ (vegetarian dishes) which is a mix of all different vegetables together.

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6. Dhokar Dalna

The real fun begins with the main course. Dhokar Dalna, lentil koftas in gravy, finds a place on every Bengali table.


7. Potoler Dolma

The pointed gourd, or parwal as it is known in this part of the world, may not be everyone’s favorite but Potoler Dolma usually sees people take second helpings.

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POTOLER DORMA- Another gem from the Bengali Cuisine . I had made these delicious stuffed pointed gourds some time ago . I even posted the making video ( before the days of insta stories) . Finally got to update the recipe on the blog with detailed stepwise pictures . Direct link in my bio ???? Pointed Gourd/Parwal is called 'Potol' in Bengali and 'Dolma/Dorma' means a stuffed vegetable. This Bengali delicacy is usually made using prawns or fish. But in this vegetarian and low calorie version of the Potoler Dolma, the potol/parwal is stuffed with Indian Cottage Cheese and dry fruits. The stuffed potol is shallow fried instead of deep frying and is tossed in a tangy and spicy tomato-cashewnut gravy. A whole some and delicious dish that can be served along with phulkas and rice . Do try it and shoo away the mid week blues ??????. And Stuffed vegetables are always so attractive and can be a show stopper ! What do you think ? Comment and let me know . . . . . . . . . #potolerdolma #stuffedpointedgourd#delicious #vegetarian #healthy #fit #yum #yummy #bengalicuisine #bengaliflavours #asianfood #iphone #iphone6 #indiancuisine #indianfood #asianfood #breakfast #lunch #dinner#inspiration #coffee #recipes #blogger #indianfoodblogger

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Go and indulge yourself in a paradise of veggies in Bengali cuisine which will make you forget about meat.

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