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5 Different Coffees Which Are Always In Sync With Your Mood

Are you a victim of OCD (Obsessive Coffee disorder)?
Good mood! Let’s drink coffee.
Bad day?! Only coffee can save me now.
Reading time? Let’s sit with coffee.
Late night? How would that even pass without coffee?
Date? Well. Now we know a lot can actually happen over coffee. Don’t we?


You are always only one cup away from liveliness. Judge me all you want but if you prefer piping hot cup of coffee over icy cold coffee any day then you are straight up the coffee squad.


Yes, you’re welcome!
What would you say if I tell you that subconsciously you sync coffee type with your moods? Your choice of cuppa depends on just how you’re feeling. Check your mood out.


1. Espresso for a serious and rough day

Only a true coffee lover knows the delight of black coffee sans sugar. Dark as my soul. A well brewed dark mug of coffee can get you going just fine.

If you cringe in the name of black coffee. You have a long way to go. Find yourself a suitable place in just any mood.


2. Macchiato to begin the day

It’s a crutch, like a real life saver for all the low moments of the day. Gulp it the Italian style and maybe add caramel to remind yourself life is not always dark.


3. Cappuccino for comfortable day

This is to start your day with a lighter note. Sip it and remind yourself that the day that unfolds will be awesome. What better than vanilla cappuccino with a frothy heart on top. Life only tastes better.

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4. Latte when you have too much to do

Tired? Had a long day??
Latte is for you to give your serious chain of thoughts a break and get back to real work. No more loitering around the bush. Beat stress with every sip.

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5. Flat white for the easy day.

When your day is as comfortable as it can get. You are desi tribe working to join Irish or American. Welcome abode, long way to go seriously!
While you read above. Can we interest you in a frothy white, milk based coffee just to make you feel home in the company of addicts?

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Workaholics! You know there is nothing that coffee can’t help you with.


Pro Reminder: 
Be specific!
A cup of coffee can make or break your day❣️
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