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6 Non Vegetarian Dishes From Rajasthan That Would Make You Drool Right Now

Rajasthan is known as the Land of Maharajas and is famous for its rich culture and cuisine. Many believe that Rajasthani cuisines are all about delectable vegetarian recipes. However, their non vegetarian dishes are equally scrumptious.

Here are 6 delicacies from Rajasthan that would make you gaga about their non-veg food –


1. Rajasthani Lal Maas

A must have for meat lovers. One of the famous non vegetarian dishes of Rajasthan, Lal Maas is an traditional cuisine made from red meat and lots of spices. It contains pepper, chili and authentic Rajasthani spices which are popular in the city.

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2. Banjari Gosht

Your trip would be incomplete if you didn’t try their lip smacking Banjari Gosht which is made with mutton, yogurt and spices.

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3. Mohan Maas

This is another delectable mutton curry from the Land of Maharajas. It’s rich gravy prepared with dry fruits and cooked in milk and cream would remind you of the place for many days.


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4. Rajasthani Machli Jaisamandi

For those who are fond of fish, savor this Rajasthani fish curry which is very popular in town. Tender fish pieces are marinated in a green paste, fried and further cooked in a mouth-watering gravy full of spices and silky texture of cream.

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5. Kabab Pasanda

Don’t forget to try your hands on this delectable non vegetarian dish. This is prepared by coating besan with mutton which leaves an amazing taste on the mouth.

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6. Bhuna Kukda

It is a dry chicken dish prepared in Rajasthani style with plethora of chillies. Have it with Laal Maas and bajra rotis or plain rice. You would be mesmerized by the amazing taste.

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Don’t forget to try their sweets as well. We are sure that it won’t disappoint you as well.

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