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10 Traditional Dishes Of Kerala Recommended By A Local

1. Breakfast: “Puttum Kadalayum” (Steamed cake & Gram curry)

Moist rice powder is steamed and is served hot with Gram curry for a wonderful start of the day.

Puttum Kadayalum

Image Source – spicykitchen.net


2. Breakfast: “Ilayappam” (Steamed rice dough)

Rice powder dough flattened and filled with mixture of jaggery/sugar & scraped coconut is wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed to get an amazing sweet delight in your mouth, with perfect aroma of fresh leaves.


Image Source – sumitwords.blogspot.com


3. Lunch: “Sadya” (Rice meal)

Malayalis love to have meals during lunch. It is eaten in the most authentic and its true nature especially on Onam – the state festival.


Image Source – qatarliving.com


4. Lunch: “Kappayum meenum” (Boiled Tapioca and Fish curry)

If you are planning on a House Boat journey through beautiful backwaters of Kerala, you have the privilege of having this combo for lunch along with local coconut toddy.

Kappyum meenum

Image Source – cookingandme.com


5. Lunch: “Karimeen Pollichath” (Pearl Spot fish fry)

Eaten alone or with onion slices & vinegar, this one leaves behind a mesmerizing memory for your tongue, every bite and juice of the fish in salt, pepper and chilli. The queen among Kerala’s favourite fishes.

Karimeen Pollichath

Image Source – newindianexpress.com


6. Dessert: “Payasam” (Sweet rice pudding)

Payasam is broadly classified into milk based or jaggery based. It is served as an offering to Gods at temples, a must have dessert after Sadya in weddings and a special guest on birthday celebrations.


Image Source – manoramaonline.com


7. Evening snack: “Unniyappam” (Sweet rice batter fry)

Perfect mixture of rice batter, jaggery, banana, ghee and a spoonful of love makes this dish a Grandma Special in every Malayali’s memory.


Image Source – wikipedia


8. Dinner: “Ari pathiri & Kozhi curry” (Roasted rice dough & Chicken curry)

Popular among Muslims in the northern Kerala, the thin roti like bread is made from flattened rice dough. It surprisingly has no taste of its own, but when taken with spicy chicken curry, your taste buds come alive and dance.

ari pathiri

Image Source – spicykitchen.net


9. Side dishes: “Poth ularthiyath” (Roasted spicy beef)

Perfect for rice and tapioca. No more explanations required. Period.

Poth ularthiyath

Image Source – kothamally.com


10. Side dishes: “Fish molee”

Wonderful combination of spices, dried pepper, tomato slices and the amazing coconut milk on Seer fish or Pearl spot is absolutely stunning for rice meal. This alone will do.

Fish molee

Image Source – yummytummyaarthi.com

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