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6 Must Have Breakfast Nutrients In Your Diet For That Perfect Health

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day usually gets a miss by most of us due to the mad morning rush. There is a very well known phrase “Eat Breakfast like a King”. Breakfast is the main source of vitamins and calcium and important nutrients which if not provided at breakfast, stands less chance of being compensated by the body, later through the day.

But the question is how many of us follow it.

You don’t need to have a spread like a king, you just need to eat right to fuel you through the day. Here’s a list of 6 things that you must have in your breakfast diet.


1. If you are at rush try to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. Add Smoothies, Cereals, Yogurts, Honey, Nuts, and Berries to your breakfast. They are healthy to the T, time savers and filling.


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2. Adding Banana in your breakfast. It is good for your digestion and weight management.

It provides vitamins for healthy eye,  has only 90 calories, and zero cholesterol. It is an instant energy -booster, as it contains potassium regulating heartbeat, blood pressure and fights anemia. It has High Dietary Soluble and insoluble fiber. So do you any more reason to give banana a miss at the breakfast.


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3. Add Yogurt as it adds the probiotics along with the super foods – Strawberry, Blue Berry, Black Berry, Raspberries.

They are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. They slow down the aging process and are beneficial for the patients of arthritis, blood pressure and certain types of cancer.



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4. Berries are a must-have in the breakfast diet.

Blend in berries of your choice, yogurt and bananas for a smoothie as it would not cost much time plus this would be a high energy drink. Make pancakes more healthy by blending in some berries. Instead of adding syrups add either honey or crushed berries or strawberry to your pancakes. Sprinkle Chia seeds to your smoothie or toasts as they contain six times more calcium than milk.

Banana pancakes

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5. Oats can be ever left out if you are talking about healthy and quick options.

Cook your oats in a non-fat milk and add fruits of your choice. People who eat oats are lesser hungry and it also does away with your waistline and cholesterol. Soak them in milk/coconut milk/almond milk just before sleeping and put in refrigerator overnight. Next morning add some seasonal fruits.


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6. Another option is Avocado toast.

Top two lightly toasted whole grain bread with mashed avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper and layer it with sunny side up eggs. You can always bank upon your good old cereals be it regular or muesli added with dry fruits for the extra energy. It can always be the life saver.


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Those who fail to have breakfast, or intentionally skips it, are more prone to be overweight as you might get a craving for high  sugar intakes later during the day. It provides fuel to your brain and body. It restores glucose level that increases brain function, eating breakfast improves memory and concentration, lowers stress and uplifts your mood. It is a must for children as breakfast helps them in concentration and focusing at school.

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