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10 Kolkata Street Food Which Proves It’s Still The Food Mecca

Kolkata or the “City Of Joy”is considered to be a place where games like Cricket and Football are preached. But very few people know that its the mecca of street food right from old charm Ballygunge to IT hub New Town.

Here’s the list of 10 street food items that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Kolkata next time.

1. Luchi- Aloo Dum

Kolkata is the heartland of Bengalis and ask any Bengali what his/her favorite traditional dish is, the answer will more likely to be Luchi-Aloo Dum than anything else. Any visitor must try out this delicacy. Some variations of this dish includes Luchi Mangsho Kosha, Paratha- Mangsho etc. Gol Ghor is the place to visit for their famous Porota-Mangsho.

luchi -aloo dum

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2. Biryani

You can find this delicacy almost everywhere in Kolkata. From the humble roadside eateries to swanky restaurants. But you are almost guaranteed to love it, wherever it comes from. One must visit Dhakai Biryani outlets in the city to get the taste of authentic Bengali biryani.

kolkata biryani

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3. Fuchka

Fuchka (others know it as panipuri & golgappe) is one of the famous street foods in Kolkata. However, unlike other places, Kolkata fuchkas have got a distinct taste, a little spicy prepared with mashed potatoes and other spices, onions, etc.


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4. Vegetable / Maangshor Chop

Made with wheat flour and potato, this is the local’s favorite evening snack.  Íf you’re a non-vegetarian, you could try Maangsho Chop which is prepared with chicken / lamb pieces along with aloo and flour.

maangsho chop

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5. Mishti Doi

The iconic Bengali sweet curd. So yummy and delicious that the taste will keep lingering in your mouth long after you’ve tasted it. Every sweet shops in Kolkata sells this wonderful dessert. Ganguram’s outlets sell some of the highest quality Mishti Doi that one can get in Kolkata.

misti doi

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6. Singara

A typical Bengali street food, singara is hot favorite among the locals. It could be relished anytime and is usually served with a tangy chutney or sugar syrup depending on your taste buds.



7. Rasgulla

When someone thinks about Kolkata, invariably they also think about this all time favorite sweet. So simple yet so incredibly delicious. No visitor can leave Kolkata without tasting this mouth-watering sweet. K.C Das’s Rasogulla is probably the best Rasgulla one can get in Kolkata.



8. Chanachur / Ghoti Gor0m

Want to munch something? Try the local made chanachur & ghoti garam prepared with namkeens, rice flakes, peanuts, etc. This is one of the signature street food delicacy of Kolkata. A must have for all.

ghoti garam

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9. Telebhaja

No evening snack in a Bengali household is complete without this street food. Prepared with batter made of besan and onions and deeply fried, this is an amazing side dish to have with a cup of tea. There are many small shops across the roads of Kolkata where this must-have street food could be found.



10. Nolen Gurer Sondesh

Another classic and authentic Bengali delicacy. It is mainly available during the winter season. But nowadays, it’s available almost throughout the year. Balaram Mallick & Sons will be the best place to try out some of the best Nolen Gurer Sondesh. One could also try variations such as Nolen Gurer Rasgulla, Nolen Gurer Payesh.

Nolen Gurer Sondesh

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