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13 Mouth-Watering Pictures That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Hyderabadi Food

1. Hyderabad Biriyani

When you talk about Hyderabad, the most common dish that comes to everyone’s mind is none other than Hyderabadi Biriyani. It is usually cooked with chicken or mutton laced with rich ingredients. This recipe is the stairway to heaven, and locals don’t mind having it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


 Image Source – ammasbiryani.com


2. Hyderabadi Marag

It’s one of the most popular dishes preferred by locals. It is a non-veg soup made with mutton. It is a spicy-meaty soup, you may have tried different soups but you will instantly become a fan of Hyderabali Marag which is light in texture and prepared with tender mutton.

hyderabadi marag

Image Source – katriyahotel.com


3. Mirchi Ka Salan

If you love spicy food, this Hyderabadi dish won’t disappoint you. It’s a unique cuisine that is only found in this city of Charminar. If you want to make the best mirchi ka salan, you need to master the art of adding the coconut paste with this dish that gives it a distinctive and refreshing taste.

mirchi ka salan

Image Source – maunikagowardhan.co.uk


4. Gosht Pasanda

It’s one of the traditional dishes of Hyderabad usually made with chicken & mutton. A thick aromatic gravy prepared with fried French beans and potatoes.

gosht pasanda

Image Source – ramahealthfoods.com


5. Boti Kebab

Boti Kebab is considered to be the best starter of Hyderabad. Cooked in tandoor, it is prepared with marinated mutton and garden-fresh herbs and spices.

Boti Kebab

 Image Source –bawarchi.com


6. Double Ka Meeta

It is a sweet dish made of bread and variety of creams added to it and baked and also coconut powder is added to it.

Doublel Ka Meeta

Image Source – yummytummyaarthi.com


7. Sheer Khurma

This is another sweet dish of Hyderabad made with milk and vermicelli with desired sugar and cream added to it.

sheer khurma

Image Source – youtube.com


8. Shawarma

Minced meat on pitas, flavored with a yogurt sauce, it is an Arabian dish that is very popular in the City of Hyderabad.


Image Source – vk.com


9. Haleem

This non-vegetarian dish is originally an Arabic dish and is a stew made of meat, lentils and pounded wheat.

Hyderabadi Haleem

Image Source – deccanchronicle.com


10. Malai Korma

This should be in your to-eat list for sure.

malai korma

Image Source – kraftfoods.com


11. Irani Chai

Tea has been popularized by the Chinese but this is the essence of Persia. It’s so amazing and refreshing that every Hyderabadi drinks it every morning.

irani chai

Image Source – wikipedia


12. Osmania Biscuits

It is named after Mughal Ruler “Mir Osman Ali Khan”. It is very famous because of its aromatic flavor and salty taste.

osmania biscuit


13. Keema Samosa

This is something that will perk up your appetite instantly. You don’t need an occasion to try this little snack combo. And we bet you have never tasted something like this.

keema samosa


Image Source – food.ndtv.com

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