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Five Delicious Ways to Make Your Cup of Chocolate More Interesting

It’s winter, my favorite season. Yes, you can call me crazy but after you experience the Delhi scorching heat, most probably, you will be agreeing with my choice of season. This season brings out the laziness in me. Waking up in the morning from the oh-so-comfortable-snugly-blankets is a pure torture and most of the Dilliwalas will be agreeing with me.

So before I get more carried away, let me come to the point. All of us enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in winters, after all, what can be better than curling up in your sofa with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand and an equally sizzling book in another?!

But let’s check out some cool ideas to make your cuppa of hot cocoa more interesting.

1. Nut milk

Try this out. Instead of using the normal milk, try these ‘nut milks’. Now you must wondering what on earth is this. These milks are made by blending nuts, oil and water. Different varieties are available in the market.

nut milk photo

2. Unsweetened Cocoa

Ditch the sweet and make a beeline for the unsweetened version of cocoa. Trust me; it will make a wonderful cup of hot cocoa for those who love bitter versions of chocolate. I am one of them!

3. Natural sweeteners

This one is for calorie conscious people. Go for honey, agave or maple sugar if you want to ditch the refined white sugar which has loads of calories.

4. Coconut milk whipped cream

Do you love cream but don’t want to use that store-bought-high-in-calorie-whipped-cream? This one is for you.

5. Warm spices or Garam Masala

Surprised? Add a hint of garam masala and you will pleased with the different flavor it will give to the cup of hot cocoa!

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