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5 Mumbai Foods You Must Have In Your Lifetime

Being the city of dreams, Mumbai is known for its varied culture and its food is no exception as it reflects the true cosmopolitanism of the city.

There are plethora of dishes which you could try, however if you are short of time, at least you should try to grab these 5 popular dishes of ‘Aamchi’ Mumbai.

1. Vada Pav

Essentially a modified burger typically containing no more than one stuffing (a batata vada, made from potato), it is available at almost every street in Mumbai and is an extremely popular fast food item for those wanting to quickly satisfy their hunger. Because of its widespread availability by different outlets, there are many variations in the preparation style and ingredients used to prepare the vada pav.

Vada Pav Mumbai

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2. Bhel Puri

Another quick snack but usually preferred more in the evening and especially during summers. Like vada pav, it is available across a variety of locations from roadside hawkers to upscale restaurants and even in modes of public transport.

Bhelpuri Mumbai

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3. Dhokla

Although not traditionally originating from Mumbai, this food item is especially popular with the Gujarati population here. These are usually soft, spongy snacks made using fermentation that are flavoured with loads of spices. Most family restaurants in Mumbai serve them.

Dhokla Mumbai

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4. Modak

A traditional Maharashtrian sweet that is too tempting to resist. It is symbolic of lord Ganesha, a deity in Hinduism, and although it’s availability by area is not much restricted, the business shoots up a lot during the Ganesha festival every year, especially near beaches and lakes which serve as immersion spots for the lord’s idols.

modak mumbai

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5. Pav Bhaji

An extremely tasty and satiating combination of an otherwise bland piece of soft bread with a mixture of spicy vegetables dipped in tempting gravy. It is available in almost every restaurant all over Mumbai and is eaten more as a meal rather than as a snack.

Pav Bhaji Mumbai Food

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